Friday, December 14, 2012

Even a Husband can do it

This is Tracy's husband, Bri, feelin' good about pinch hitting tonight. Tracy is taking some well deserved R & R at a friend's party tonight following an all day signing she did at The Bible House in Orange, CA. You know, the place down the street from where the Angels play...and, while on the subject of the Angels, I personally feel they needed to acquire a good middle reliever instead of paying so much money for Josh Hamilton after emptying the bank account last year for Albert Puljos. I sure hope they have enough money when they need it for the real star of the team, Mike Trout.

Well, for those of you still left reading, I just had to sneak onto the blog and report that I made the Black Bean Brownie samples for tomorrow's signing at Savoy Cafe & Deli in Santa Barbara, CA. Well, I didn't make all the samples. Trace made the ones with walnuts and I made the samples with almonds.

I'm pretty pleased with myself and needed to brag to someone. No one was home except the dog, Bailey, and she wasn't interested in the least about my accomplishment once she learned I hadn't called her into the kitchen to give her scraps. So, I thought, I can't call anyone on a Friday night and say "guess what I just did on a Friday night." But, the Blogsphere, or however you say it, they might just be impressed that I, a mere husband, a certified klutz in the kitchen, made an entire batch of Black Bean Brownies with Almonds and chocolate chips.

Hey, it's not like I'd never done it before (See "Bri's Big Black Bean Adventure" on October 11, 2012 where I baked for my auto shop, Swedish Asian Auto and I think they're still healthy and in business). So, if you find your way to Savoy Cafe & Deli tomorrow or Sunday, be sure to ask for the samples with the almonds and let me know what you think. Oh, and I'm offering a free signed book to anyone who gets the sample with my wedding ring in it, provided you can return it to me without my wife finding out.

Thanks for listening--you made my night!

~Tracy's Husband

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