Thursday, February 28, 2013

Draeger's Market Book Signing March 9th

Draeger's main floor leading to the escalator in the distance.

Opulent beauty and gourmet come together in one place at an upscale specialty market called Draeger's. I am a big fan! So I am really looking forward to doing a book signing at the San Mateo Draeger's Market on Saturday, March 9th. I will be there from noon to 5:00. Their address is 222 East 4th Avenue in San Mateo. Their phone number is 650-685-3700.

This will be for me simply too much fun! Not only do I get to meet new friends who are health foodies, I get to do it in one of the most spectacular settings I know of in a retail grocery store.

Okay, even if I can't eat them, they're beautiful to behold.

I have twice been to Harrods in London, England and I was like a kid in a candy shop taking everything in. The displays are flawless and inspiring. The place drips elegance and style.

Even more impressive inside if that's possible.

Harrods, being one large department store with all of the same categories of merchandise we find in our department stores, but on "high end steroids", also includes extraordinary food and produce departments. It is an amazing sight to see. Yet walking through Draeger's, taking in the elegant presentations throughout the store, I am sure that Draeger's is truly the best of the best here in the States. So it is not only an honor that Draeger's carries my book, but a huge treat to be invited there for a book signing. If you can make it, please come by and say hello. For anyone who hasn't been inside Draeger's-- trust me on this-- you are in for a treat.

Draeger's  housewares.

I hope I'll see you on March 9th between noon and 5:00pm. If you're not in the San Francisco area on that day, do make a point of visiting Draeger's next time you are. Oh, and be sure to look for my book!


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