Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun, Healthy Kid's Snack

Eating healthy and eliminating foods that cause problems is tricky enough for those of us who are dedicated to doing it. We understand our goal: to stop the negative responses our bodies have to certain foods, improve our health and even bring about our immediate comfort and well being....but convincing our kids to do so can be difficult. And that's why I would like to introduce some creative snack and meal ideas designed to appeal to the kiddles :)

Let's face it, we have a lot of competition from the "food" industry {if that's what you call food} for their attention and appetite. It's a challenge for us to win our kids over to eating well and eating right for their particular needs. So let's make it fun! Let's make it cute! And all the while, let's make it taste great while using ingredients that are nutritious, GF, DF and low on the glycemic index. Here is a snack that uses the staples you probably already have in your kitchen. Next time you hear "I'm hungry" {when it isn't meal time}, pull out the almond butter and the carrots for a snack with a fun twist...

Carrot Stick Funny Face
1/3 cup almond or sunflower seed butter
2 tablespoons almond meal
1 1/2 teaspoons agave nectar
1/8 teaspoons cinnamon
10-14 carrot sticks
2 black olives
a curved cut out strip of red bell pepper (for the shape of a smile)  

Mix the first 4 ingredients and form a mound on a plate or in a shallow bowl.

Poke the carrot sticks into the almond butter mound in a porcupine-like arrangement.

Stick the 2 olives onto the ends of 2 carrots to form eyes and lay the red bell pepper smile on top of the carrot stick ends in a way that looks happy! 

Now see who can eat the most carrots  :)

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