Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Boomer Health

A newly released Australian study concluded that the Baby Boomer generation is in much worse health than their parents generation. Wow! Frankly, I think they could have figured that out and saved the money by looking around at what people are eating these days. The evidence speaks for itself. Alarming numbers of us are overweight and are having other health issues. The use of prescribed medications has multiplied in reckless proportions.

This particular article on the Baby Boomers' health noted that "the findings are alarming and evidence that new public policies are needed." But hey, let's rescue ourselves! I recommend that we don't just sit around, waiting for those new public policies. We already have the ability to make dramatic, positive changes in our own lives and those of our families, and I'm talking about changes that address the root of the problem, instead of just medicating it!

I would urge instead that we all keep learning about healthy eating. For example, what if we cut out the "foods" higher in fat and put our foot down against deep fried, trans fat-laden "foods" and instead started eating fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole, less processed, foods?  Parents could cut out so much of the problem by being aware of the widespread use of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and the adverse consequences its consumption has on them and their children. Thankfully, as more and more people are understanding the negative impact of not only HFCS, but refined sugars in general, many are also becoming aware of food intolerances including those to gluten and dairy.

That's why I believe my new cookbook Delightfully Free is a fabulous resource. If you or your family has issues with weight, blood sugar levels, food intolerances, or would simply like to eat more healthy, I commend to you my cookbook which offers tasty, family-friendly recipes with no HFCS, gluten, dairy or refined sugars. Of the 141 recipes included in my book, 114 are vegetarian or vegetarian adaptable. There are 103 vegan or vegan adaptable. Whether you're just getting started on the path to healthy eating or have been on that path for some time, this book, full of the favorite foods we crave, offers as the cover notes, "Delicious resources for autism, celiac disease, obesity, lactose intolerance & healthy living!"

Because I know firsthand how difficult it is to move away from foods that are processed and filled with detrimental ingredients, I have included in my book a helpful section entitled "Stocking your Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Pantry."  It is "stocked" with tools and information to get you started with what you need to know to begin preparing delicious meals, snacks and desserts that are healthy and free of so many of the ingredients that have been causing some of the problems noted in this new Australian Study.
If you haven't already, I hope you'll give my book  Delightfully Free a try. I am sure you'll be happy you did!

Here's to a new way of healthy living 


About Delightfully Free: Delightfully Free is a gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free cookbook of 141 recipes. It includes delicious resources for autism, Celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, obesity and just plain healthy living. It contains 114 color photographs, 114 vegetarian or vegetarian compatible recipes, and 103 vegan or vegan compatible recipes.