Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well, The Party Has Begun!

My wonderful friends and family are in celebration mode now that Delightfully Free is here. 

The other night, a few of us got together for dinner, excitedly exchanging stories about the different people who we have been able to share the cookbook with. After a yummy (and need I say, healthy GF, DF) dinner and it was time for dessert, my sweet and amazing cousin Debbie pulled out her magnum opus. It was, of course, GF, DF and refined SF (we can check those boxes), but, it was so much more as you can see! 

Made entirely from fresh fruit, this colorful “cake” took old school “fruit cake” to a whole new level. The core of the cake was a sweet, juicy watermelon, cut in the shape of a two layer cake. Kiwi, blueberries, green grapes and tangerine sections made up a mosaic of color and shape garnished further with dark chocolate dipped strawberries. Around the base of the cake she scrolled the word “Celebrate!” in the dark chocolate. 

The entire thing was just the cutest burst of color and flavor, lovingly made into what I would call a true food party.